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I require a $500 deposit on all puppy purchases. This will hold your puppy until it is old enough to travel after 9 weeks of age or older. This is NON-REFUNDABLE.

I MUST speak with all potential buyers prior to final purchase agreement. If we have not spoken to you on the phone we will not sell you one of my puppies. Do not place a deposit without first speaking with us.

Payments may be made several ways. I am accepting cash, zelle, bank cashier's checks, personal checks or money orders for the amount of the puppy. However, due to check fraud problems in the world today, NO puppy will be set up for shipping prior to clearance of the check. No exceptions. It will take 7-10 days for checks to clear through the banking system. Thus the full purchase price of the puppy, including shipping costs must be sent at least 2 weeks prior to your desired shipping date or the shipping may be delayed. Shipping costs currently are between 350- 500  for all puppies under 6 months old.

Puppies may be picked up in person also, if so desired, or in some cases we will meet you partway.

My puppies are currently shipped via air cargo to most major airports in the United States, (sorry, I currently do not ship out of the country) Puppies typically ship on Fridays and Saturdays and usually arrive at their destination by 2pm that same day. Please keep in mind that poor weather conditions may change the shipping date without much notice. This is not decided by us, but by the airlines and is done to ensure the safe travel for your pet. If this happens a later flight or date may occur.



Will the AKC registration be restricted/limited?

Yes. Limited AKC registration means all puppies sold as pets will be on a spay/neuter contract and cannot be bred or shown in AKC Conformation.


Are the parents health certified?

Yes. All of our dogs are OFA heart certified, OFA Patella certified, and eyes CERF certified by an opthamologist annually.


Will my puppy come with papers?

Yes, all our puppies are AKC certified. You may register your puppy with the AKC by mailing in the certificate we give you or by visiting the AKC website. All of our puppies also come with a written health guarantee, and vaccination records. Limited AKC (no breeding rights) registration only unless otherwise agreed upon*


Have the puppies been well socialized?

Yes. By the time they are ready to go home with you, all the puppies will have spent a lot of time with our family. They will be accustomed to small children, other animals and all the elements of a busy household. Our adult dogs are only confined to crates at night.


Can I come see where the puppies were born?

Of course! Please call or email to arrange a time to come visit after the puppies are 6 weeks old.


Are the parents on site?

The mother (at times the father too) is on site and would love to meet you.


What kind of food has my puppy been eating?

We feed a quality dry kibble that is by-product, corn and wheat free. We will provide you with a sample when you bring your puppy home. You can find it at high-end feed stores, at Petco or Petsmart stores or online. If you choose not to continue feeding the same food to your new puppy, we recommend you purchase a small bag of it to gradually switch over to your preferred brand. Please feed your puppy premium food and consider the natural brands. Good nutrition is cheaper in the long run. In the short run, they eat half as much (so the bag goes twice as far), and you’ll have much less waste to scoop in the yard.


Do you have any puppies ready right now?

Please check availability by scrolling down on our home page.


Will you take the dog back if I cannot care for it in the future?

Yes. We will always be ready and willing to give your dog a good home should you be unable to care for it in the future for any reason. We don’t want any of our beloved puppies to ever end up in a rescue or shelter. *Keep in mind that if you bring your dog back, I will NOT offer a refund (unless covered by the health guarantee).

Do the puppies have their shots and wormings?

Yes, all our puppies are current on shots and have been dewormed on schedule.


Will you be available to help me with questions after we go home?

Absolutely! Please stay in contact with us. We are happy to help you with any questions that might arise. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find out.


Are Cavaliers good with children?

Yes. We feel that Cavaliers make a perfect family pet. Small children should always be well supervised when around a delicate puppy.


Do Cavaliers make good guard dogs?

No. Cavaliers tend to love everyone they meet. They likely will bark at intruders, but it is difficult to imagine them scaring anyone away.


How much grooming do Cavaliers require?

Cavaliers require daily to weekly brushing to maintain their long, silky coat.


Should I get a male or female Cavalier?

If I were to have only one Cavalier, I’d want a male. The common saying in cavaliers is, “Females love you, but males are in love with you.” I have found this to be true of every Cavalier I’ve owned. The males tend to really adore their owners. The females tend to be more aloof and love whomever they choose at that particular moment. It is a common misconception that male dogs have issues with dominance with their owners and other animals. With Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, it is the females that establish dominance hierarchies, and the males just go along with the flow. Two female cavaliers in the same household will generally have some issues with dominance, whereas two males will not. A one male/one female combination will not have dominance issues either, as the female will run the house.


Do Cavaliers have common health problems?

Yes. Please be sure you are fully informed of all the health problems common to Cavaliers. While I am knowledgeable about them, I am not a veterinarian capable of speaking authoritatively on the subject, nor do I feel comfortable plagiarizing someone else’s words. I prefer to direct you to the experts. There is some especially good information on the websites for the AKC parent club and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club USA.


What supplies do you recommend for my new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

please take a look at the recommended supply list below






Health Guarantee

Buyer has 72 (workday) hours after purchase and possession to take the puppy to a state licensed veterinarian. If upon examination the veterinarian finds said puppy in seriously ill health Buyer must notify Seller within 24 hours. Buyer shall return the puppy to Seller with all the veterinarian documentation. Seller shall replace said puppy with another puppy of equal value immediately, or as soon as one becomes available. Buyer is responsible for all shipping and veterinarian costs. Any puppy returned must be returned with AKC registration papers mailed separately if puppy is shipped.

Seller offers a 1 year guarantee for Hereditary Mitral Valve Disease (MVD). A dog with clinical signs of the disease will be eligible for replacement according to the terms of this contract. This guarantee applies only to a dog that is diagnosed with MVD that has caused debilitating effects on the dog within the first year of life. The diagnosis must be determined by x-ray and ultrasound, taken and evaluated by a board-certified veterinary cardiologist. If the puppy is sold out of state, the licensed cardiologist's diagnosis must be made and submitted to Seller, along with x-rays and ultrasound findings to be evaluated by Seller's veterinary cardiologist. If sold locally, the puppy in question will be evaluated as above. Seller reserves the right to obtain a second opinion. Buyer understands the Seller has made the health of the Cavalier Breed a top priority in Seller's breeding program but can make no guarantees on the long term future health, congenital or genetic defects that may surface. Buyer also acknowledges their awareness of the existence of Syringomyelia and Mitral Valve Disease in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and is committed to the responsible handling, acceptance and caring for the Cavalier if either of these conditions occur, keeping the well-being of the future of the Cavalier as the priority.

Seller offers a 1 year guarantee on any other life threatening genetic condition (i.e. heart, lung, liver or major organ) on said puppy diagnosed to be hereditary. The licensed veterinarian's diagnosis must be made and submitted in writing along with x-ray and ultrasound findings to the Seller by the attending veterinarian within 14 days of the initial diagnosis. If the puppy is sold locally, the puppy in question will then be taken to a licensed veterinarian of the Seller's choice along with the first diagnosis and original x-ray and ultrasound findings for a second opinion. If the puppy was sold out of state, Seller requires a second opinion from another licensed veterinarian within Buyer's area chosen by the Seller

and at the Seller's expense, in order to verify the diagnosis. Should Buyer fail to obtain a written

diagnosis within 14 days, and fail to forward diagnosis to Seller, all guarantees will be null and void and no further guarantees will be offered. Should the first and second opinions be conclusive of hereditary MVD or other life threatening genetic condition as stated above, and all the terms and conditions of this contract have been met: Buyer may keep the affected dog, as is, with no other implied or written warranties/guarantees, as a pet not to be bred, as long as there is quality of life. We will apply 50% of the purchase price of said puppy towards another puppy priced at the same value as the affected puppy. Buyer will be given 1 year from the date of diagnosis to apply this credit offered by Seller. Buyer will be responsible for additional shipping expenses with replacement puppy. Seller will not guarantee said puppy if there is evidence of any accidents, malnutrition, lack of or improper exercise, abuse or other conditions, ailments, or preventable diseases. This guarantee does not include: breeding ability, retained testicles, malocclusions, patellas, personality/temperament, or conditions which could have been prevented by proper and complete vaccinations, kennel cough, heart worm, all hernias, seizures, parasites or protozoan conditions treatable and common to puppies.

Prior to shipping, all puppies are given a thorough veterinarian exam, at which time he/she is

determined to be healthy. If no problems are detected by the veterinarian at that time, and puppy is issued a health certificate necessary for shipping, then no problems diagnosed after shipping will be warranted, other than that covered by the 72 hour checkup guarantee (as stated in paragraph one), the 1 year MVD guarantee (as stated in paragraph two) or the 1 year guarantee which covers genetic conditions (as stated in paragraph three). Breeder guarantees that the above described puppy is a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with American Kennel Club (AKC) registered parents, and is eligible for registration with AKC. Registration papers are mailed once proof of spay or neuter has been shown at 6 months of age or older. If said puppy is for show/breed papers will be sent with puppy. The parents of your puppy are of high quality and excellent temperament. As a reputable breeder, Seller asks that you take exceptional care of your puppy throughout its life. This includes providing socialization, medical and dental care (mouth infection can contribute to heart problems), and proper nutrition. If for any reason, you are unable to keep the puppy, you are required to contact Seller first. NEVER shall the puppy be sold to a pet broker, pet store or another breeder. This is to protect Seller's bloodlines and insure said puppy never ends up in a puppy mill, etc. Seller will take said puppy back at any time with no questions asked if needed. Seller will also help re-home said puppy should a problem arise and re-homing becomes necessary. This contract shall be deemed a legal and binding agreement between Seller and Buyer. It is further agreed that should any dispute/arbitration arise between Seller and Buyer regarding said puppy, the legal venue shall be the County of Riverside, California. Buyer will be held responsible for any and all costs associated with returned checks, collection and/or attorney fees.

Recommended supplies for your new puppy 

The links provided below are for your own benefit, because we like to share exactly what has worked well for us and other cavalier owners. None of the links are affiliate links, and we do not receive compensation for any of our recommendations.

1. Crate. Your full-grown Cavalier will need a “Medium” size crate approximately 24 inches long x 18 wide x 21 inches high. It is advantageous to purchase a crate with a panel included to section off the crate so it is smaller at first. Another option is to also purchase a smaller crate for the puppy stage. A full size crate leaves the small puppy too much room for accidents. You’ll want to bring a crate or travel bag for the puppy with you to pick him up. Dogs need to ride in a “carseat” in cars, just like children. A crate offers them some protection. This wire crate is our favorite. If you prefer an airline-approved plastic crate, a 200 Vari Kennel is the correct size for your adult Cavalier, and this is a good, sturdy brand.

If you will be flying with your Cavalier as a carry-on, you’ll need aSherpa Bag. We advise new families flying to pick up their puppy to have the bag shipped straight to us. We introduce the puppy to the new bag several days early, so it will be comfortable and familiar.

2. Crate pad/bedding to fit the crate. We recommend having at least two so they can be washed frequently. 23×18 is good. We like this crate pad. I will also provide you with a small blanket that smells like home and mom.

3. Stainless steel food and water dishes. We prefer stainless because it can be sanitized in the dishwasher. We recommend having at least two sets so that they can be washed frequently. These bowls with rubber no-skid bottoms are great and have held up well for us. If you want to spoil your new Cavalier baby, nothing beats a hand thrown Spaniel Bowl for protecting their ears. These are all we will use for water, and they last forever.

4. Small Collar and leash. We recommend embroidered collarsbecause often when dogs get loose, they lose their ID tags in the process. An embroidered collar can have your phone number right on it, and if purchased online, costs about the same as a plain collar in a pet store. Be sure to get a leash without a large buckle that might hit the puppy in the face.

5. Engraved Tag. We highly recommend flat collar tags These tags last forever and are deeply engraved on stainless steel instead of lightly engraved on aluminum or plastic like the ones in the pet stores. Flat tags don’t jingle, don’t fall off, and can’t catch on something causing a strangulation danger.

6. Toys. We give raw carrots for teething and chewing. The specialist who cleans our dogs’ teeth recommends “Bully Sticks” as the only safe chew that actually cleans teeth. The best price we’ve found is at Costco. We also like rope bones, fleece ropes and various squeaky toys. Cavaliers seem to love things that squeak. We are careful to watch our dogs and throw away any toys that start to fall apart. We used to give our dogs elk antlers, and we’ve never had any problem with them, but some experts say they can chip or break teeth, so we’ve taken them away and no longer recommend them. We tend to buy seasonal puppy and dog toys at pet stores on clearance after holidays.

7. Safety gate. If you have stairs, you may consider getting a gate to block them off while the puppy is too young to understand heights. We’ve heard of far too many tragic stories of small puppies running straight through stair railings. We love metal gates and play yards by North States, because they are very strong and sturdy. You want a gate without any horizontal bars or diamond shapes that little paws could use to climb.

8. Grooming supplies. You’ll want a small pin brush, comb and slicker brush. Our dogs get brushed every other day to prevent mattes, but your pet can probably be brushed weekly. We like the Isle of Dogs line of shampoos and conditioners. If you prefer to buy something in a pet store, we recommend choosing a natural product that is dye and fragrance free to hopefully prevent any allergy issues. We bathe weekly to maintain show coat, but you can probably bathe monthly unless the dog gets dirty, of course. You’ll also want a tool for clipping nails. We prefer to use a Dremel to file the nails, but scissor and guillotine style clippers work as well. Ask your vet to show you where to clip.

9. Waste bags for walks. There are many options, but cheap sandwich bags from the grocery store work well.

10. Food. We are feeding the puppy Blue Buffalo Wilderness for puppy. I will provide you with a small bag of the food. If you choose to feed something else, please mix the two foods together and switch over slowly. It is best to always feed a food that is corn, wheat, soy, and by-product free as these ingredients can quickly cause health problems in Cavaliers.

11. Books. We recommend two wonderful books on puppy training, both by Brian Kilcommons: ”Good Dogs Great Owners” and “My Smart Puppy“. We have used his techniques for many years and really love his approach. We find many of the popular fad training books written by television personalities to contain too harsh an approach for Cavaliers.

There are many great books specifically about Cavaliers. There are also many awful books full of misinformation. The best but also the most expensive is “Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in Fact and Fancy” by Barbara Garnett-Wilson. This book is cheapest when purchased directly from the author: If you can find a used copy online, we also love “Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Today” by Sheila Smith. This gem is unfortunately out of print.

Our favorite Cavalier King Charles Spaniel magazine is “Royal Spaniels”. Packed full of beautiful high-resolution photographs, this quarterly periodical is a true delight.

12 Exercise Pen. It’s certainly optional, but it really helps to have an exercise pen. You can use it for the lifetime of the dog, if you ever travel and need to set up a place for him to safely potty off leash. I have this one and love it: . 30″ tall with a door will be all you’ll ever need, though I wouldn’t leave an adult dog unattended in one. If you do have an exercise pen, you can keep the puppy in it when he isn’t being actively watched or if you have to leave for hours at a time. In it, he can have room to move around, a bed, food & water, and a puppy pad to potty on.

13. Training Treats. It is not necessary to waste money on unhealthy commercial treats full of preservatives and junk ingredients. Try bits of sliced or string cheese or diced, cooked chicken breast. Dried liver is good when you don’t have access to a fridge. Your dog and his waistline will love you for it.

14. Puppy Training Class Contact your local AKC Cavalier Specialty Club and ask about recommended trainers in your area. Look for local small businesses or independent trainers who have a lot of experience and knowledge. Classes that take place in a pet store are often a waste of money, time and germs.

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