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Testimonials (will add more soon)

"We picked up Millie from Von Cupcake Cavaliers in January of 2019. This was me and my husbands first cavalier so we didn’t know what to expect. She has far and above exceeded any expectations we ever had! Our Millie has the most lovely and sweet temperament of any dog I have ever met or owned. She is also very well behaved and polite at home. She has been so easy to raise and she has been great with children, other dogs, cats, and even pet birds she has met! When we go on walks we feel like she’s a little celebrity because strangers always recognize her from past meetings and always stop to pet her and tell us how beautiful and sweet she is. We will often get asked where we got Millie and we always recommend Von Cupcake due to the easy and quick communication we received and for receiving a dog that has the best personality and temperament. We love Millie so much and we are definitely going to be getting cavaliers from Von Cupcake in the future."

Kelly J. 

Sept, 27 2018

"Snoopy is healthy, happy and doing well. He just celebrated his 5th birthday. He's is such a sweet loving boy. He's started to calm down a little, and is usually in my lap. Still gives lots of hugs and kisses and gets every excited about other people and animals. The cookie is a special made for dogs cookie for his birthday. Thank you so much for this healthy sweet loving silly boy. He is so very loved." - Amy H.

December 9, 2020

" Happy holidays from Snoopy, 7 years old and heart healthy he’s an incredibly loving and goofy boy.

Thank you!!! I really appreciate your responsible breeding!! I’ve had two girls with mitral valve, it’s such a comfort that snoopy hasn’t had it. I know Ginger Rexanne loves him too so do my neighbors, everyone he meets loves him, he just has a way of getting a special place in peoples hearts

He’s a special boy, he definitely makes an impression." - Amy H.

"Hi Claudia: Wanted to report in and tell you that Robert (now Finley) had his operation on June 23rd.

He has adjusted nicely, loves his crate, is loving and sweet and a good boy. We both are happy.

Wanted you to know how much I appreciate the care he was give by you as it has made him a delight to be around.

I hope you and yours are staying well....these are very strange times for all of us.

My best.

Roen V."

Jan 14, 2021

We just love our Zeppy (Led Zeppelin). He is a very smart and true friend. He likes swimming in the pool, chasing his toys or running in the yard fetching them. He loves riding in the car, just grab the keys and he's at the door barking. He is 4 and just love his stepsister who is a Tri 10 years old. Zeppelin is a good lap dog as he seems to find one whenever he is resting!

Penny and Wayne P


We purchased our sweet Roxy from Von Cupcake Cavalier in June 2020. This was our first family pet and we (my 2 boys, husband and myself) had no clue what to expect from a new puppy. To our surprise, our Roxy came into our lives and is the calmest, loving, mild tempered and playful love bug we could ever imagine. Von Cupcake’s Cavalier is not just professional and quick to respond to any questions but also a loving and nourishing breeder. It is evident in their puppies’ temperament that they were bred by one of the best. Roxy has been the best part of 2020 for our family all thanks to Von Cupcake Cavalier.

Forever grateful for the prettiest dog in the world!



We cannot speak more highly about VonCupcake Cavaliers! We got Toblerone in March of 2020 and he was already incredibly well-socialized with children, adults, and dogs. He was also already pad and crate trained. Toby loves doing anything we are doing including walking, running, boating, flying, and road trips. Even though he is an active boy, he is equally as cuddly. He sits on my lap for hours while I work. He is the best dog and the light of our lives. Thank you VonCupcake Cavaliers for our energetic, snuggly, friendly, perfect family member.




I did a lot of research when it came time to find my very 1st CKC back in 2015, I am so happy I found Von Cupcake Cavaliers. McKenzy is everything I could have hoped for. What a joy she is! As a puppy she was so easy to potty train, the only thing she chewed was a magazine. She and I went to Italy for a month and she was a pro! Been traveling with me since she was 4 months and its been a piece of cake. I can't recommend Claudia's puppies enough!!

Lisa D.


I got Scooter from you guys 8 years ago and it was the best decision I have ever made, he has been the best companion I could ever ask for. He has been such a healthy dog! When I am ready for a new baby, I will defiantly check back in!

-LeighAnn F. 

May 11th 2021

Jan 2021 pickup

Dear Claudia,

Theodore (aka “Teddy”) is the sweetest, happiest bundle of puppy love! He is a loving and healthy puppy who draws questions (where did you get him) and comments (he is adorable) everywhere he goes. But more importantly, he gives the biggest puppy kisses and greetings to everyone! He is confident and sweet and his vet recently described him best as a puppy “full of love and life”. I have only had him since January but can’t remember what it was like before Teddy. Thank you for this amazing gift of my fur-friend and I am so thankful to have found you and your breeding program.


May 17 2021

Josie update!!! There cannot be a sweeter pup on the planet. She is the absolute BEST dog. Affectionate, playful, gentle, and so silly. Her preferred sleep position is on her back with her tongue sticking out. She will cuddle with whoever’s lap is available. She LOVES the bath. She begs for belly rubs. And we can’t get over how adorable her play growl is. She is definitely queen of this castle.

We love to hear from our puppy owners!


Please send us an update and pictures we'd love to hear from you! 

Add yours!

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